WILD TECH Australia Test & Tag

Wild Tech Australia P/L gained licensing and certification to carry out electrical appliance test and tag to AS/NZS 3760:2010 in 2005, and we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in this field.

Testing and tagging of all plug in, single and three phase electrical items to this standard is a mandatory requirement of all workplaces under OH&S regulations, and is used by WorkSafe Victoria as the minimum safety requirement for workplaces to comply with.

In addition, many insurance companies now demand that the workplace be AS/NZS 3760:2010 compliant before coverage is granted, so your current insurance policy, including your public liability and/or building cover, may not cover claims caused by faulty electrical equipment if your testing and tagging is not up to date... so can you afford to risk the safety of your employees, your assets and yourself to not comply?

Wild Tech Australia use the latest in equipment technology to carry out all forms of electrical appliance testing, including all single and three phase powered items such as (but not restricted too):

  • Office equipment including computers and associated items
  • Workshop equipment including electrical tools, extension leads, power boards and portable RCD’s
  • Kitchen equipment including microwaves, fridges, kettles and toasters

Basically, if it has a lead and plugs into a power point, Wild Tech Australia will test it and ensure it’s safety for ongoing use or advise you that an item has failed testing and why.

Also, “safety switches” should be regularly tested to ensure correct operation, and Wild Tech Australia is certified to test these important electrical devises as well.

Upon completion of testing all items on site, Wild Tech Australia presents you with a “Certificate of Compliance” that is recognised by both WorkSafe Victoria and insurance companies, as well as a printed file of all tested equipment that includes test results, completed test and next test due dates, and individually allocated item numbers that can then assist your company’s asset tracking.

Testing procedures and re-testing intervals can vary greatly depending on what each item is and the environment it’s used in, so Wild Tech Australia is well placed to advise you of what’s required and how often to satisfy your ongoing needs.

History has shown that if regular maintenance is carried out on electrical equipment, most fatal accidents that have resulted from the use of faulty items which have become electrically live due to damage or normal wear and tear could have been avoided, and as both low voltage and high voltage can kill without warning whilst the item in question doesn’t show signs of damage, making sure your workplace is AS/NZS 3760:2010 compliant goes much further than just what the regulations state.... it’s your responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for your staff AND yourself.